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    Master Drummer of Rajasthan

  • Roots of Pushkar Records

    Roots of Pushkar Records


About Roots of Pushkar Records (ROPR)

Due to poverty many talented Indian musical artists are only known in their local villages. Our aim is help them reach a wider audience. We hope that you will join us in a journey of discovery by listening to the musicians we have so far unearthed. Help us give them a wider stage and a louder voice.


‘Roots of Pushkar Records’ is a local Indian initiative based in the small pilgrimage village of Pushkar, which is located in the center of the Indian state of Rajasthan (the land of the Kings). Our founder Ravi Sharma, a deeply spiritual man, was touched by the many folk artists that he saw in the surrounding area. He was inspired to share these hidden talents with the World. Using his own funds he setup a recording studio to preserve this unique folk tradition, not just for music lovers throughout the world but for posterity. Most importantly he reached across religious and cultural barriers to be inclusive, giving opportunity to the divergent communities of the area. Here you will find Hindu devotional sounds, Sufi Islamic rhythms, Folk fusion, Celestial explorations plus many more.

We would also like to invite and to challenge any artists who would like to build on our dreams. Welcome to our family ……. we hope you enjoy.

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